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2021-22 Holiday Season — public holiday rates.


Finding your entitlements in any EBA can be confusing, especially in a year with additional public holidays.

HACSU has put together a summary of your entitlements over the holiday period, which you can print and put up at your work!

At this time of year, we often reflect on the last 12 months. After the challenges of the last two years, we've been thinking back on the history of the union movement. Through all the challenges we've faced as workers, as a union, and as a movement, one thing is clear: being part of a collective matters. 

Without union members, we wouldn't have public holiday pay or annual leave. As unionists, we continue to fight to protect these entitlements and make new wins — which is only possible when we grow as a movement. Don't forget to chat to your colleagues who may or may not be working over this period about the importance of being a union member.

For those of you who are working, we hope you find some moments to rest during this busy season. For those taking leave, we hope you get a chance to recharge after a busy year.


For members working in DHHS/ex-DHHS disability and public mental health, click on the links below to download information regarding your public holiday entitlements.

Please note that this is general information — as all three public holidays fall on a weekend, and there are an additional three weekday public holidays, you may need to refer to your full EBA or seek advice based on your roster.

DSEAV — DHHS and ex-DHHS transferred disability services 

Read the full DSEAV 2018-22 on the Fair Work Commission website

Mental Health — Nurses and PSOs

Mental Health — Admin & Allied Health

Read the full Victorian Public Mental Health Services Enterprise Agreement 2016-2020