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Mental Health EBA Update - Poll and Protected Action Suspension


Dear HACSU Members,
Thank you to all members who voted on whether to move forward with the Government’s most recent offer on the Public Mental Health EBA. 

The poll results are 84% of members voting in favour of moving forward with this offer. 

This position is subject to drafting changes, but all cost items have been determined. 

The next step is moving into the final drafting stages, which HACSU will be involved in. The proposed agreement will then be presented to HACSU members to vote on and endorse the agreement — we will contact members when this is coming.  

Protected Action (bans) will be suspended at all services except Forensicare as of tomorrow (14 October 2021) until the end of November. HACSU members are not to partake in protected industrial action unless notified by the union. We will be in contact at the end of November regarding Protected Action. Forensicare members are to maintain bans.

We also strongly encourage members to continue writing to local MPs and the MPs for each Area Mental Health Service, as this EBA is only one part of addressing the current issues in mental health. Forensicare members, continuing in Protected Action, maintain their right to speak to the media and post about the EBA on social media.

If you have any questions, please contact your area organiser or HACSU Assist. 

In Solidarity,

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