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3rd April HACSU Daily Update


Hello Members,


We’re providing an update on the industrial impact of COVID-19 for HACSU members.

Earlier today we were informed that a resident has tested positive. This resident lives in the house where late last week two workers also tested positive (CH1). The resident exhibited no symptoms other than a loss of appetite; workers asked that the resident be tested as a result. The resident has been taken to the hospital, treated and discharged; they are now recovering in isolation at a respite house.

All workers at the resident’s original house and at the respite house have access to full personal protective equipment (PPE). All staff at the CH1 are aware of the circumstances. HACSU officials have suggested that a nurse (or an infection control specialist) should be involved in addressing issues at the house and should support workers in managing safe practices given the circumstances. The Department has agreed and advised they will source a professional to do this.

Please be aware, the current advice still stands, all essential workers, including disability workers and other HACSU members, as well as clients, residents and consumers should be tested if exhibiting at least one symptom of COVID-19.   If you feel that a client should be tested, but is not being tested, please let HACSU know and will be have discussions with the DHHS.  We will continue to provide members with updates on this situation as we learn more. For now, please refer to the Department of Health website for up to date directions on testing criteria.


The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has released several factsheets that HACSU members can access, to provide information regarding your superannuation during the time of this pandemic. Click the links below to access factsheets on:


Earlier today, the Department of Health and Human Services updated their guidelines for on COVID-19 and employment-related matters. Click here to download the guidelines. Major updates to the guidelines include:

  • Where workers must move between workplaces, PPE should be required
  • Clarity has been provided on the ‘Stay at Home Directions’ from the Deputy Chief Health Officer with further information about exactly what reasons Victorians have to leave your home at the moment (including going to work)
  • Guidelines have been provided on payment of special leave, where it is granted by an employer that advised special leave should be paid as per the normal rate of pay excluding overtime, stand by, travel allowance, incidental expenses or any other temporary payment, unless where a better entitlement is available under a relevant enterprise agreement (EBA). However, if during special leave, you would normally have received shift allowances and penalties, these should be paid by your employer.


Earlier today we heard of a scenario of persons in Victoria being fined for carpooling on-route to work. Due to social distancing measures, this is not only advised against but may carry a fine if you are stopped by Victoria Police. We’re continuing to lobby the Government to provide free car parking for HACSU members to help prevent people from needing to take such measures.

You can help, sign our petition and share it on Facebook!

This week we launched Side by Side, our project to get in touch with every HACSU member personally. This enormous project is already proving beneficial and we’ve had some great feedback from members who we’ve spoken to thus far. HACSU Officials spoke with officials from HSU branches across the country, discussing how we can keep in contact with members during this period of social isolation.

“The information that HACSU has been sending out and supplying to us has been incredible. If there was ever a time to know that HACSU has your back it’s now so I’m really appreciative of the work you are doing.” – Jill, HACSU Member.

It’s such an important time to be part of a strong collective group of likeminded workers. We want to thank all HACSU members, including new members and those who’ve been part of the union for many years. Together, we can achieve more great outcomes like those recently won around wage subsidies and free childcare options for essential workers. 

Finally, don’t forget that Daylight Saving ends on Sunday morning at 3:00am. Remember to turn your clocks back one hour so that you’re not late for your next shift!



In unity,