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A special message from Lloyd Williams


Hello members, 

I wanted to reach out to you all directly after what was a disappointing weekend for workers across Australia, having the Liberal Government win the federal election without any policies to increase wages or improve workers’ rights. Many of you will be frustrated with the lack of recent improvements to industrial relations and the impact to working people and families with cuts to health, social services and education funding. 

I want you to know that together we can remain a strong union, built on the efforts of dedicated members helping workers across the sector campaign towards crucial great initiatives like putting the heart back into the NDIS and better mental health for workers and consumers. 

HACSU members never give up, even when faced with challenges. We will continue to work through strategies to lobby and influence both state and the federal governments into the future. We will continue to work hard towards reforming the NDIS and mental health and AOD sectors. We must remember that together, we have campaigned fiercely, and been successful in winning considerable improvements for your sectors throughout the history of our union. 

Together, we’re a powerful union made up of committed members, who selflessly do such important jobs within our community. Please talk to your colleagues today about the importance of being a HACSU member including collective bargaining, sector advocacy and individual representation. Now, more than ever, we need a strong union.

We’ll keep you updated on opportunities to develop and support campaigns to improve our sectors but for now, know that with solidarity, we can achieve what many societies around the world only ever dream of.


In unity, 

Lloyd Williams, State Secretary.

Paul Healy, Assistant State Secretary.