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ATTENTION Mambourin Members!


You shouldn’t be worse off

Working at Mambourin!


We’re aware that your employer, Mambourin have told you they want to terminate your EBA. 

We oppose this decision because we believe this isn't in the best interest of members. 

We've reviewed a copy of the presentation you received from Mambourin and we believe the information is misleading.

NDIS prices have increased, not decreased.

This change will negatively impact your pay and conditions at work. 

We're here to ensure that Mambourin staff get the same assurances as staff working across the disability sector. 

Don't be worse off at mambourin (1)


HACSU officials will be representing members in this matter. If you wish to be represented, please get in touch ASAP via the contact details below! 

We will be working with the AEU to ensure that staff are represented across all worksites. 

We will soon be holding meetings to discuss the impact and what we're going to do about it. We encourage all Mambourin staff to attend.

What can you do?

Click here to print this newsletter to share with your colleagues.


There's no reason you shouldn't have the good pay and conditions offered at other employers.

We encourage you to get in touch to talk to us about your concerns.

Sam Stewart, Organiser
0428 254 376