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ATTN: Disability Members - Police Checks


By now all of you should have received a registered letter from DHHS asking you to complete a police check application within 30 days of receiving the letter.

Most employees have completed this however many still have not. It is very important that you complete this police check in preparation for the implementation of the new National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Quality and Safeguards Framework which will have worker screening requirements.

Shortly, the DHHS will be sending registered lawful and reasonable direction letters to workers who have not completed their police check. The letter will direct the worker to provide the completed police check documentation OR provide a valid reason as to why it has not been provided within 3 business days of receiving the letter.

It’s really important to respond to this letter because a failure to do so will result in disciplinary action being taken for failing to follow a lawful and reasonable direction. This is something the DHHS are legally able to do.

We therefore urge members to return completed police checks or advise the DHHS why you have not completed the police check within 3 business days of receiving the letter.

If you have any concerns about completing or returning your police check, we encourage you to contact HACSU Assist on 9340 4100 so we can discuss your concerns with you.