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Annecto Members WIN!


We have exciting news for HACSU members working at Annecto!

Thanks to the great work of HACSU members, we’ve won backpay for incorrect rostering practices!

Annecto have extended rostered sleepover times from 10pm to 8am and, on occasions to 8:30am in several of their residential houses.

HACSU members working at Annecto claimed that these rostering practises were in breach of your EBA, the Annecto and Health Services Union of Australia Certified Agreement 2004-2007.

As a result, Annecto has acknowledged this error and 22 effected workers will be back paid any amounts owing for the past 6 years, where a breach of the agreement has occurred.

Annecto are currently completing an audit and have advised it will be finalised before the end of December 2019. Annecto have assured HACSU officials that they will inform all affected staff in writing as soon as possible.

If after December 2019, you think that you may be entitled to backpay but have not received confirmation from Annecto that you will receive backpay, please contact:

Sam Stewart: 0428 254 376 or

Join HACSU today to protect your workplace rights and continue to achieve wins this!

Annecto members