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Apply for the HACSU Branch Committee of Management Vacancy


Are you interesting in having more of a role in HACSU? Apply to be a member of our Committee of Management!

The HACSU Branch committee of Management (BCOM) is seeking a suitably qualified and committed member to be appointed to a casual vacancy as an ‘Ordinary Member’.

This vacancy has arisen since one member, a metropolitan Disability Support Worker has resigned due to personal reasons. We are seeking an individual who will always ensure the interests of all members are well served by good governance standards and, in particular, utilising their extensive disability skills and knowledge to advance the interests of members working in the sector.

The HACSU BCOM is a Board of 15 members’ (7 Officers and 8 Ordinary members) who are proportionately representative of Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol and Disability Sector workers, city and regional workplaces, occupational groupings and with a gender balance reflective of the membership. We work together to further the interests of all HACSU members across Victoria.

The BCOM is responsible for overseeing the sound and ethical governance of the business of the Union, similar to a company board.  Members of the Union’s BCOM have obligations under the Union’s rules and the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act to exercise their duty at all times with care and diligence, in good faith and in the best interest of the organisation.

The BCOM is elected every four years through elections conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). However, when a casual vacancy occurs after the first 12 months of the term, the BCOM may appoint a suitably qualified member to fill the casual vacancy for the remainder of the term, which ends around July 2022.

The BCOM is seeking to fill the casual vacancy via an expression of interest (EOI) process. Any financial member with not less than three months financial status has the right to seek a position on the committee. The BCOM has established a Nomination Committee to consider EOI’s and make a recommendation to the BCOM to appoint to the casual vacancy. The recommendation will be based on a range of factors including governance knowledge, industry skills, experience, and union involvement.  This is in addition to maintaining appropriate representative mix.

If you are interested in taking up an unpaid voluntary role in the governance of the Union, please lodge an expression of interest through the following process.


Expression of Interest Process

If you are interested in apply, please review the below role requirements and click here to review the rules of the union, in particular Part C – Branch Organisation). 

Please email your EOI to

Applications close at COB Friday 25 September 2019.

Expressions of Interest should include a resume and a cover letter, including the following information:

  • Job Title
  • Employer
  • Your experience as a delegate or activist
  • Your knowledge of professional and workplace issues affecting members
  • Key areas of union interest
  • Any previous experience with Boards or Committees of Management

The person appointed will be required to undertake mandatory training in union governance. The BCOM holds at least six full day meetings per year; paid time release may be available, subject to your EBA.

Any questions? Please contact Paul Healey on 9340 4100.

In unity, 



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