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April 16th HACSU Daily Update


Hello members,


Today we had some questions raised by members in relation to parking near hospitals for health workers. We’re following up with the Health Minister’s Office to confirm the process if you receive a fine and at this stage believe that whilst you may be fined, you will be able to appeal the fine given the circumstances. We’ll keep members updated with more information once it becomes available.

The Royal Commission into Mental Health in Victoria today released a statement advising they will be continuing their processes with adjustments due to the coronavirus. They recognise there is a need to push ahead with their investigations into the sector, particularly given the likely outcome of the coronavirus being further increased pressure of an already overstretched mental health service system.


We’ve had contact from members working in disability seeking advice about whether residents who exhibit behaviours of concern can be driven around in a car, as a de-escalation strategy. This is a great question as it is an important way to help manage these residents’ anxieties and behaviours; we are seeking advice about this from the Minister’s Office.

Some disability group homes have reported to be undertaking a deep clean up to six times each day, in light of COVID-19. We’re pleased to hear about this initiative from members, as it will help to reduce risk of infection, however we are concerned about these duties drawing workers away from your usual tasks. We have spoken with the Minister for Disability about this issue and we’re waiting for an outcome that better supports workers.

HACSU Leadership will now be meeting fortnightly with Disability Minister Donnellan and the Department of Health and Human Services to work more closely and to receive quicker responses to issues we raise.


For those members who are registered with AHPRA, Optus has announced they will be waiving phone bills for 3 months for new and existing customers. If you're a current Optus customer, go to the website to register or go to your local store to sign up before April 30



In unity,