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April 8th HACSU Daily Update


Hello Members,


Announced yesterday, as of midnight on 07th April 2020, there are now restrictions on visitors to HACSU members’ workplaces. You can read a copy of the restriction notice here.

If members have questions or concerns around these visitor restrictions, please email us


We want to hear from members about your experiences of training, education and resources relating to COVID-19 in your workplace. Do you feel informed and properly trained in your role during this pandemic? Is there training you feel you need to do your role relating the virus? Contact us to let us know


Announced earlier today by the Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt, it is an offence to deliberately transmit COVID-19 to another person OR to behave in a way that makes someone feel fearful that they may catch it from you. An example of the type of behaviour may be ‘pretending’ to transmit by coughing on another person, or coughing on someone when you have tested positive. The penalty carried is very serious and may carry prison terms, upwards of life imprisonment, depending on the outcome of a transmission.

If any HACSU member is threatened with being infected or if there are other health and safety issues relating to anyone in your workplace deliberately transmitting COVID-19, contact us as soon as possible to advise us on 1300 651 931.


WorkSafe has released guidelines on prevention and management of exposure to coronavirus (COVID-19) in the healthcare and social assistance industry. You can review the guidelines here.

It’s important that HACSU members raise any OHS concerns that have arisen as a result of COVID-19, including but not limited to physical health risks when supporting someone who is a confirmed case, or is presenting with symptoms, cleaning of workplaces, occupational violence, stress and fatigue, as well as use and availability of PPE. Raise any issues you recognise with your Health and Safety Representative (HSR).


Many HACSU members will soon be required to renew your registration with AHPRA, including nurses and health professionals. AHPRA have advised that they are “prepared to be flexible in their approach” to registration at the present time, given the restrictions that may be in place with planned leave, conference attendance and other training issues clinicians may face. For the most up to date information go to


AHPRA, The Medical Board of Australia and the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia have also announced on 6th April the Pandemic Response Sub-Register to account for the thousands of medical staff and health professionals who are entering the workforce where registration has lapsed. The sub-register is a short-term measure for the next 12 months to assist with fast tracking the return to the workforce of experienced and qualified health practitioners.

At present the sub-register applies only for nurses, doctors and pharmacists who have previously held registration and will operate on an OPT-OUT basis; this means you may be automatically added. There is no obligation for anyone added to the sub-register to practise or remain on the sub-register. If you have been added and you wish to be removed, please contact AHPRA directly. For more information, click here.


For those health workers who may be in contact with COVID-19, you can also download a mobile app, developed by the Department of Health that provides contemporary practical information on the virus.

iPhone app

Android app


Are you a mental health worker with lived experience of mental illness or ill-health? The Big Feels Club is a 5-part online audio series dedicated to supporting you. For more information or to register go to:




In unity,