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Attention Melba Members!


Melba EBA Graphic

We're now finalising the draft Log of Claims for your next EBA!


We're been getting around to Melba members' worksites to talk about the claims that are important to you.

Have you got ideas about the claims you'd like us to make to Melba for your next EBA? Get in touch today!

Melba Campaign Stickers

We need to fight for a fair go.

To ensure that we can get the best deal, we all need members to take action, this means getting as many people as possible to join HACSU, as well as discussing and updating everyone at your worksite about what HACSU is trying to achieve.

Your HACSU officials are ready and waiting to hear from you and will be continuing to organise meetings to meet with you all in the coming weeks.

Get in touch to tell us more