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BREAKING! 3% Increase to the Minimum Wage


This morning, the Fair Work Commission announced that the minimum wage will increase by 3% providing a welcome increase to millions of low paid workers across the country. 

From July 1 2019, this increase will see an extra $21.60 per week come through to those affected workers. HACSU members working for Non-Government Organisations, employed under the SCHCADS agreement may be impacted by this change, as it will see an increase to the minimum award wage.

Unfortunately, whilst any increase is a step in the right direction, it falls short of the living wage proposed by the Australian Council of Trade Unions and is less than the 3.5% increase last year.

You can read a statement from the ACTU on the decision here.

Increases to wages and conditions are fought hard by strong unions with dedicated members like yourselves. Talk to your colleagues today about the importance of being a HACSU member! Click here to print this notice to place on your workplace noticeboard.