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BREAKING: Voluntary Departure Packages announced


Copy of BREAKING_ DHHS VDPs Announced

Voluntary Departure Packages (VDPs) have been announced and the process will begin in January 2020.


In the next few days, you will be receiving a letter in the post from the Department with further information. This communication will outline the process relating to the VDPs.

The Department will refer in their communications to an “Early Retirement Scheme”. This is technically what a VDP is. HACSU will continue to refer to these packages as VDPs, to be consistent with our previous messaging.  There are no differences between these terms and they both relate to the same outcome.

Your EBA, which members fought hard to win, contains a commitment from the Department that VDPs will be offered to a limited number, 15% of employees who are being transferred from Government services to one of the five providers and who are eligible to receive a VDP.  This commitment is outlined in clause 11 of your EBA. This is about 570 staff and if necessary, will be prioritised based on length of service. No other conditions will be applied in determining the offers.

This was a fantastic win by HACSU members and ensured that transferring employees of the Department were given the opportunity to depart, if they wished to, on their terms.

To be eligible for a VDP the following criteria needs to be met:

  • You cannot be on unpaid leave for the entire duration of the Expression of Interest (EOI) period, other than unpaid parental leave. Please ensure that you are paid for at least one day of the EOI period;
  • You must have more than three months’ service with the department;
  • You cannot be engaged on a fixed-term employment contract (this does not include if you are seconded from your normal ongoing position);
  • You must not be a casual employee; and
  • You cannot be in receipt of WorkCover payments in order to be eligible


The expression of interest period will begin on 30 September 2019 and end 14 October 2019.


The departures will be staggered over eight months beginning in January through to August 2020.  You will be asked to identify the date that best suits you, which will be taken into consideration. This is to ensure minimum disruption for staff and clients and will also allow for the issues of recruitment to be managed following departures.

In order to receive the favourable tax treatment, you must be under 65 years. Those over the age of 65 may apply, however will not receive favourable tax treatment and will be taxed at the normal nominal rates

If you are eligible, there is nothing further you are required to do. The Department will be sending you a toolkit with all the relevant information on how to apply. If you believe you are eligible and do not receive the information please check your address details with your Employer and if not resolved directly, contact HACSU immediately.

VDP applications will be required to be submitted via email to the Department and if you need assistance with this, then speak to your House Supervisor, colleagues, support persons or contact HACSU.

A VDP toolkit will be provided to eligible staff that contains all of the information, however if you have any questions please first contact DHHS on (03) 9096 0806 or email


If you are still needing further information after contacting DHHS, you can call your Transfer Organiser

  • Catherine Kanizay (South/West): 0499 590 519
  • Deb Gunn (East/North): 0499 591 060
  • Gerrard Byron-Loader (East/North/West): 0499 590 518
  • Lisa Chilvers (East/South): 0499 590 071

Or contact HACSU Assist on 1300 651 931.


In unity,