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There aren't enough staff in our mental health system.

It puts everyone at risk: consumers can't heal, and workers get hurt.

There are currently 350 vacant clinical positions across the state, this will soon be compounded by the need for an additional 350 positions in the forensic system with extensions to Ravenhall Prison and Thomas Embling Hospital scheduled to open in 2022.

HACSU members across the state are identifying intolerable workloads as a result of the vacancies, compromising the safety of staff and consumers.

The staffing shortages are also affecting other areas of clinical policy, such as the commitment to reduced seclusion. HACSU members report very little has changed in relation to this policy due to vacancies.

HACSU representatives have written to Minister Martin Foley, informing him of the launch of the campaign and HACSU’s detailed solution to fix the crisis.

The situation is steadily getting worse and the State Government not be able to open the planned new Forensic services as a result of the staffing shortage. The Government must invest in training Australian clinicians as international recruitment opportunities have dried up.

Join the campaign for better mental health - for staff & for consumers. 

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HACSU members have offered the following solution to the Minister for Mental Health.

1.        Bring back the Mental Health major in nursing degrees at Victorian Universities.


2.        Introduction of cadetships.

Make entry into the mental health sector more accessible by creating alternative entry points alongside university. 

3.        Employ more graduate nurses. 

We can make this work: 90 Graduates in the 1st year, and then 90 Graduates and 90 Post Graduates in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years. 90 Post Graduates in the 5th year. 

Out of the 90 employees, 60 would be nurses and 30 would be Allied Health Professionals. 

This means an additional 720 staff, or $118 million investment into staff.

4.        Bring forward the EBA commitment to employ more Allied Health Educators. 

As it stands with the current Mental Health EBA, Allied Health Educators will be introduced in 2022. This needs to be brought forward to occur immediately because new graduates need specialist mentorship so that what they learn at university translates into specialised work skills, and ensure higher retention of allied health professionals in mental health. 

5.        Employ more Psychiatric Services Officers (PSOs) and Clinical staff in the community. 

Thus providing more time for clinicians to focus on actual clinical work.

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HACSU members are standing up and speaking out. Locking yourself in the staff room at night is NOT ACCEPTABLE.



In its 2018/19 State Budget the Andrews Government has finally begun to recognise the urgency of the crisis facing the mental health sector. HACSU welcomes the record $705 million investment in mental health services across the state.



It's been a big week - HACSU Assistant State Secretary Paul Healey moved an urgency motion at Victorian ALP State Conference, last weekend, and this week we met with the Minister for Mental Health. You can read the briefing we gave the Minister on the mental health staffing crisis and the solution that HACSU members propose.