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Better Mental Health in April


We have had another huge month in the mental health sector this month!

We’ve launched the HACSU Mental Health Workforce survey; it’s an important part of our research in the lead up to the our submission to the Royal Commission. We need all members to take part in the survey and we’re encouraging non-members complete the survey too so we can gather as many voices as possible.

Still haven’t completed the survey? Click here to complete it NOW or go to:

You can also click here to download a poster to put up in your workplace to promote our survey!

Survey Poster

Submissions direct to the Royal Commission have now opened. So as not to confuse any members, this is separate to HACSU’s survey but it is just as important that you have your say here as well. Two options are available for any member of the general public to provide a submission; these include making a “Formal Submission” and providing “Brief Comments”.

To complete either option, you can click here or go to this website:


It’s important to note that Brief Comments will close on May 20th so you only have a couple of weeks to do so! There will be more time to complete a Formal Submission, however this is a lengthier process.


Again, we can’t stress how important these initial phases are so to reiterate:

1.      Click here to complete HACSU’s Mental Health Workforce survey

2.      Click here to make a submission direct to the Royal Commission into Mental Health


Do you or your colleagues need more information about the importance of this historical time in the mental health sector? Want to learn more about how the Royal Commission might impact your work? Contact us or call 1300 931 651 to arrange a workplace meeting!


Here’s a reminder for those of you with questions about pay rises this year!

As a part of our EBA, since 2016, nurses (RPN, PEN & PSO) have received pay increases in April each year, whereas other disciplines and workers receive pay increases at other times! For allied health workers, your pay rises are received in November, and for admin and clerical workers, in October. Remember: this means the first full pay period on or after the first of the month!

For our nurses, this will be the last pay increase for this EBA, so we’ll be asking all members to get on board with our upcoming EBA campaign to keep wages increasing!

For more information, click here to view a guide to your wage increases over the life of the EBA!


Don’t forget about the upcoming training events now open for registration - the Collaborative Conference and the International Mental Health Conference (QLD). We’d recommend registering ASAP if you’re keen to attend! Also don’t forget that HACSU provides free training to all members! You can read more about the training available here.