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Better Mental Health in July


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Mental Health EBA

We’ll soon be calling on members again to get involved in our campaign for Better Mental Health because your EBA will soon be expiring. 

Watch your inbox - we'll be contacting all mental health members soon to complete our EBA 2020 survey! 


Until then, you can watch the video we recently produced, aiming to promote improvements to the mental health sector. 

This month we’ve been watching closely as the Royal Commission into Mental Health begins with hearings each day. Thus far, we’re disappointed by the lack of focus on the voice of the workforce and we’re working to change that. 

We’ve been speaking to State-wide and regional media outlets to talk about the issues being faced by workers across the State relating to occupational health and safety, violence and workloads. You can click the links below to read our recent news articles (although you may need a subscription for some!)

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Warrnambool Standard: Mental Health Access Determined by Postcode