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Campaign Updates


Over 50 HACSU members were at the Change the Rules mass delegates meeting on on Tuesday - where the Melbourne Town Hall was at capacity with 1600 union delegates, and another 200 spilled outside watching the speeches on their phones and feeling the buzz of excitement through the walls.


Join union members from across the state this coming Thursday at the Longford Picket, Sunday at the May Day Fair and Wednesday at the Rally to Change the Rules.

HACSU supports the union movement-wide Change The Rules campaign.

Mental Health and Disability sectors are constantly told "there just isn't enough money" for the staffing levels and wages our workers and clients deserve.

Maybe if we started making big business pay tax there would be enough money to pay disability worklers what they deserve.

To open up the mental health beds (and staff them) that the community needs.

The list is endless.

The rules aren't working for us - we have to change them.


Check out the Change The Rules campaign page to join the movement for change.

Download this Rally Poster to put up in your workplace!