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Campaign against privatisation update


October and November will be critical campaign months

The Government is currently in a process of conducting research regarding the privatisation of the DHHS. No final decision has been made, and we have been told that it is unlikely that there will be any further announcements before late October.

This means that it is absolutely critical we now step up the campaign to pressure the Government into making a decision in our favour. To do this, we need to get Labor politicians talking about the privatisation of DHHS.

HACSU have launched a major public campaign to build pressure on Daniel Andrews and the Labor party.

If saving your job security, wages and conditions are important to you, YOU MUST GET ON BOARD.

You will shortly receive a ‘Stop the Privatisation’ bumper sticker. We need you to put this on your car! It’s really important that we have thousands of cars on the road carrying this message, in metro and regional Victoria! Thousands of other Disability Support Workers are doing it.

Here are a list of lots of other ways you can get involved:


  • Join us to rally Daniel Andrews at the Labor Party State Conference on November 13 at Moonee Valley Race Course.
  • Visit and sign the petition.
  • Visit to stay up to date with all news and updates.
  • Help build union power, recruit your colleagues to join the union. If you would like a union organiser to attend one of your team meetings to speak to you and your colleagues, please email
  • Join your local campaign committee, peak to your delegates or contact HACSU to find out about how you can get involved.
  • Grab a copy of the campaigning kit it can be downloaded from, or contact the HACSU office, and take action against the privatisation of public disability.