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Certainty for Disability, Campaign update - EOI Factsheet


Message from State Secretary Lloyd Williams
We won't buy the government’s hollow spin!

The NDIS is complex, but it doesn’t mean the Victorian Government needs to privatise public disability services. In last week’s announcement that the Government will go ahead with an EOI process, they have claimed DHHS needs to transfer to the non-government sector to give choice to people with disabilities. 

This is an example of the government’s hollow spin. By privatising disability services, the Government is taking away our resident’s choice to continue receiving public disability services under the NDIS. Privatisation is the exact opposite of choice.

Another example of government spin is when they state that “as the NDIS rolls out no one should be worse off – not people with a disability and not workers” – This statement only refers to the rollout
period, and not thereafter. The NDIS will be fully rolled out by July 2020, proving the Government has no real commitment to protecting workers and people with a disability beyond this date.
HACSU is a union that fights, we not only fight for our working conditions, but the conditions of future workers and those in the private sectors, but most importantly, we are one of the only groups actively taking to the streets to fight for quality services for people living with intellectual disabilities.

We may be in for a long fight, but it is the most valuable fight of our careers.


Lloyd Williams

EOI Factsheet - Frequently Asked Questions
HACSU has developed an EOI process fact sheet for members. This includes information regarding the impact of the EOI on DHHS workers and a wages comparison between the DHHS and NGO disability sector. 

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What will the EOI mean for DHHS workers?
Included in the EOI factsheet, HACSU has included information for DHHS workers. 

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HACSU letter to Labor MPs - 5 facts about the NDIS
HACSU continues to raise our concerns with the Labor government. Please see our latest correspondence with MPs here. 

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