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Change Impact Statements in January


For HACSU members who have been heavily involved in your workplace as a union member, you might already be aware of what a Change Impact Statement is. For the rest of us, reading a Change Impact Statement is like learning a new language. We’re here to explain and provide members with great updates on what’s happening to fellow HACSU members across Victoria!

A Change Impact Statement (CIS) is a requirement of workplaces when major change is taking place. It might be that your employer is asking you to relocate to another building or that your team is being restructured – maybe your employer is bringing in therapy dogs for the whole team and you’re allergic, so you want them to only hire allergy-friendly therapy turtles instead. There are infinite causes for a Change Impact Statement to be issued; most importantly the underlying reason is to ensure that workers aren’t negatively impacted by change. It is also a chance for members to get involved in the consultation process, share your thoughts and to voice any concerns or ideas you may have.

These CIS are to be provided to HACSU officials, to ensure we’re clear on the processes, and so that we can advocate for members experiencing change at work. The two most crucial things you can do as a HACSU member in these circumstances are:

  1. If you hear of change at work, speak to your HACSU Delegate, Organiser or call HACSU Assist.
  2. If you have a CIS issued to you at work, make sure a copy is provided to a HACSU official.


Below is a list of the current Change Impact Statements that HACSU officials and members are working on:







If you wish to provide feedback or find out more about any of the above Change Impact Statements, please contact your HACSU Delegate or Organiser.