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Congratulations Melba Members!


Over the last few days HACSU have met with Melba and had some very helpful discussions. As a result, we have reached agreement with Melba for a new enterprise agreement and we no longer need the assistance of the Fair Work Commission.
We’re excited to announce there are some great wins for members in this enterprise agreement. These wins are only possible because of hard-working HACSU members.

Melba have also led the way by being the very first disability support provider to agree to HACSU’s claim of paying your superannuation on a fortnightly basis!

This is a great win for members because it means more money will be going into your superannuation funds than before.
Melba have also agreed to pay 9.5% superannuation on paid parental leave.

Other great wins include:

  • 3.25% guaranteed minimum pay rises each year for the life of the agreement – this is currently the highest pay increase in the non-government disability sector
  • Paid Parental Leave: 7 weeks for the first parent and 2 weeks for the second parent
  • 2.6% complex support allowance
  • A new and fair discipline clause
  • A new and fair union rights clause 
  • 15 days family violence leave
  • Shift penalties are preserved for existing Melba employees
  • Paid police checks 
  • Part-time employees get priority to work additional shifts
  • $72.50 sleepover allowance – plus an additional allowance of $27.50 if you work a sleepover that finishes on a public holiday. 
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What happens next?

Melba have sent the proposed enterprise agreement out to all employees to review before the vote.
Information sessions for staff, on paid time, are underway in order to explain and ask questions about the new agreement and will conclude next Monday 16th December.
Online voting will open at 7am on Thursday 19 December and close at 2 pm on Monday 23 December. HACSU members should VOTE YES to this agreement in order to secure the above wins.
We will provide more information about the voting closer to the date.
In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact either John Creamer or Elisa Dickenson on 9340 4100.



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