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DAS Transfer Newsletter 02


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Today the Victorian Government has announced that Possability will operate the remaining DAS services (Sandhurst SIL houses and the Children's Homes) once transferred to the non-government sector in March 2022. You will have received information from DFFH, including fact sheets and the materials issued to the families you support.  

HACSU will be included in the upcoming meetings with Possability, and there will be opportunity for you to meet with us afterwards. 

With this announcement, there will be changes incoming that will impact you and your fellow workers. We understand that this decision may cause some concern, and there are likely many questions you may have about what this decision means for you and your colleagues. 

While the Victorian Government's decision to transfer the remaining DFFH disability services is extraordinarily disappointing, HACSU members have won Australia's best disability workforce and quality care protections. In many ways, the most important things will stay the same. Members will remain in the same houses, supporting the same residents, with the same (or better) wages and conditions. 

HACSU will be with you every step of the way. We remain your union into the future. Our challenge over the coming years is to campaign vigorously together to ensure that every Victorian disability worker can enjoy the wages and conditions we've won together at the DFFH. An essential first step is ensuring that every Victorian disability worker, no matter where they work, is a HACSU member.  

Now, more than ever, all disability workers (whether DFFH, transferred, NGO or sole trader) must be more united than ever — regardless of your worksite, our interests are all aligned. To protect our conditions for the decades to come, we need all disability workers to be in union and stand together against the challenges we're facing as a sector. 

We've commenced discussions on the next DSEAV to ensure your conditions are protected. Click here to read our most recent DSEAV update. 

We understand this is an anxious time, and you'll have lots of questions about what's happening next. We will continue to update you as more information is released, and of course, you can always contact us. 

You can contact your local delegate, your organiser Nick Hope ( or Disability Policy Officer Angela Carter ( with any issues in the meantime. 

In union,