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DHHS: Check your payslip for final EBA sign-on bonus this week


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Check your payslip - you should have received your final EBA sign-on bonus this week.

The sign-on bonus is $1000 and calculated pro rata for casuals and part time employees.

The pro-rata amount for part-time and casual employees will be calculated on the actual hours worked over the preceding 12-month period from the date that EBA was voted on and approved by members (25 May 2018).

The sign-on bonus is recognition that you didn’t get a pay increase during the time after the 2012-2016 EBA expired while we were still fighting for an EBA that protected disability care.

Your next 3.5% pay increase is scheduled 1 July 2018.

Because the sign-on bonus is income, it will be taxed. If this has pushed you above your normal tax bracket, you should be able to get it back in your tax return.

We can’t give you specific financial advice, it’s best to consult a financial planner or accountant if you are concerned.

This does mean that you have paid more tax than international corporation EXXONMobile/Esso – the company that fired 200 Gippsland gas workers a year ago, only to offer them back their jobs at a 30% pay cut with less family-friendly rosters. They’ve been picketing for over 330 days, and we’ll be heading to Longford to show our support on the year anniversary on June 28.

If you’d like to head up with us from the HACSU Office in Carlton – email hacsu[at] and we will arrange a ride for you in our cavalcade!