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DHHS Disability Transfer Update: Meet your Transfer Organisers


If you’re a HACSU member who has been seconded to a non-government provider in 2019, this article is for you. We wanted to provide members with a reminder about the specialist service HACSU is providing to members who are in this category, to support the transition of your employment.

We’re talking about HACSU Transfer Organisers! Meet the team:

Cathy Kanizay
Deb Gunn
Jane Kim
Lisa C

Cathy Kanisay :

8, 10, 14 Scope

11 Melba

17 Possability

21 Aruma

Deb Gunn:


5 Aruma

12 Possability

12 Scope

Jane Kim:

6 Melba

7 Scope

13 LWB

19 Possability

20 Aruma

Lisa Chilvers: 

1, 18 Melba

3, 9 Scope


These fantastic Organisers are available to help you with issues pertaining to transfer of services, and the transfer of your employment. In 2020, they will also be available to provide further supports, including:

  • Finding out more about your experiences since your secondment began
  • Helping to manage when vacancies occur and ensuring a smooth recruitment for those new workers coming into existing positions
  • Working with management on consultation arrangements with the union
  • Working closely with existing delegates and helping to develop the skills of new delegates


With recent changes to HACSU operations in mind, there will also be some changes to the way HACSU Organisers have contact with members, this includes our Transfer Organisers. Watch this space as we implement new digital and community union organising tools to ensure we can reach as many members as possible during this time of change – and know that you can always contact us via telephone!


How can members get involved?

We might be asking for your help with things like:

  • Updated contact information for a delegate or activist in your house
  • Notify us of any unfilled vacant positions in your house or workplace (especially where you know the role has not been advertised)
  • Notify us of any issues or potential issues you see if your workplaces
  • Complete our surveys!


And, as always, if you have a colleague who is not yet a HACSU member, talk to them about the benefits of joining HACSU. There’s never been a better time to be a HACSU member; ensuring your rights at work during times of change.


Click here to download a flyer for your group home to introduce all your colleagues to Lisa, Jane, Deb and Cathy!