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DHHS EBA Ballot Update: 1500 votes received so far - one week to go!


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We’re half way through the DHHS EBA ballot. The ballot closes on Wednesday 23 May, 2018.

On Friday, the Victorian Electoral Commission announced that just over 1,519 ballots have been received by the Victorian Electoral Commission. 

That means that 1 in 3 DHHS employees have voted. This is the last week to vote.

If you haven’t done it yet – get onto it! You’ve only got a week to post your ballot and guarantee it’s received by the VEC and your voice is heard.

If you’ve voted – chances are 2 of your colleagues probably haven’t. Tell them to get a wriggle on and post their ballot by Friday this week to guarantee it’s received in time.

If the ballot results in a majority YES vote – the final “Sign On Bonus” of $1000 (pro rata) will be paid in June.

You should have received your DHHS EBA Ballot in the mail last week. If you haven't received it yet, you need to order a new one ASAP. To order a new ballot, do not contact HACSU. You need to contact the Victorian Electoral Commission on 131 832 or (03) 8620 1100 during business hours.

Here's how to vote YES in 4 easy steps:

  1. Write YES in the box

    2. Tear or cut off the ballot form and put it in the VEC ballot envelope. Don't forget to sign the ballot envelope.

    3. Put the Ballot envelope in the Reply Paid envelope addressed to the Victorian Electoral Commission.

    4. Pop it in your nearest Australia Post box ASAP!


This EBA will protect your working conditions through the transition to the non-government sector, for the next 8 years. We've won a 29% pay increase over the next 8 years. We have successfully protected the quality of care our residents receive for the next eight years by preserving 1:1 House Supervisor ratios.

We've also won a range of other improvements like paid family violence leave, the right for casuals to convert to permanent roles.

If you have any questions about the EBA or how to cast your vote in the EBA Ballot, don’t hesitate to contact HACSU on 1300 651 931.

Check out the full list of the achievements we've made in this EBA when you download this info sheet.

To vote YES, you need to WRITE YES in the box on the ballot.

Don't delay - put it in the post today!


The ballot closes on Wednesday May 23, but to be absolutely sure that your voice is heard it needs to be in the post by THIS FRIDAY 18 May at the very latest.

You can read the EBA by downloading it from the HACSU website here on via the DHHS intranet. The DHHS will also have sent a hard copy to each group home.

'Vote Yes' posters have been mailed to every group home. Make sure you display them at your workplace!

Didn't receive them? Reply to this email to let us know, and in the meantime you can download them as a PDF here.