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DHHS EBA Update: HACSU bans apply to DHHS proposed changes


21 August 2017

Download this update as a PDF to print out for your workplace noticeboard.

The DHHS has notified HACSU of a number of proposed service changes that include changes to:

  • Justice staff and teams
  • Area/divisional management of: vacancy management, respite coordination, intake, ISP administration and Disability Support Register
  • The current paper based DINMA reporting system
  • Client Incident Management System [CISM].

Members should not participate or make comment on change proposal/s distributed. HACSU has advised the DHHS our industrial bans apply, specifically:

  • Ban 10 – refuse to participate in Employer initiated workplace change including changes in work locations (including location on a single site) and service changes including implementation of roster reviews and IT systems, and
  • Ban 13 – refuse to communicate with DHHS area, division of central offices, excluding payroll.


Members should provide any comments on changes to lisaw[at]