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DHHS EBA campaign update #11 - Roster reviews & protected action


As of 21 December 2016, HACSU has protected action bans in place at DHHS. This includes the following ban:


Refuse to participate in employer initiated workplace change including changes in work locations (including location on a single site) and service changes including service changes including implementation of roster reviews and IT systems. 

(HACSU Protected Action Ban No. 10)


HACSU will not accept DHHS roster reviews to commence, continue or be posted during the period of protected actions. 


However, where HACSU members want roster changes to proceed, HACSU may choose to exempt a roster review from this protected action ban because it is not HACSU’s intention to disadvantage members. This requires the DHHS to seek an exemption to the ban for a roster review if it wishes to proceed.


HACSU will consult with members where the DHHS seeks an exemption to a roster review process to provide us with information to determine whether we should provide an exemption.  Exemptions will only be given where the members provide overwhelming consent to do so. Until this is provided HACSU members do not have to participate in roster reviews.


For questions on roster reviews during protected actions, please call HACSU on 9340 4100 or 1300 651 931 or email