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DHHS - Medication administration DVD and Payroll Issues.


DHHS - Medication administration DVD and Payroll Issues.


The DHHS has created a new medication and administration DVD.  This is a result of successful negotiations with HACSU.  This DVD will be in line with the RSPM and current practice. HACSU will view the content prior to its finalization and progress any issues. HACSU would like to particularly thank our delegates: Carolyn Panhorst, Andrea Passadore and Catherine Law for their constructive input into this process.

Further, at the Central Consultative Committee meeting held on 5 October, payroll services advised the core hours of work for payroll staff are: 9am -12 noon and 2– 4pm. We strongly recommend members with pay issues call during these hours, where possible, to maximize the chance of speaking directly with a payroll officer.

Process to resolve pay issues.
1. First advise your supervisor of incorrect pay verbally / via email [they may have to validate the issue].
2. Then notify your divisional payroll Team Leader verbally / via email, contact details below, seek to be paid correctly as a matter of priority and find out how long it will take to resolve the issue:
  • East Division Team Leader – Marina Risteska or ph: 9096 0837
  • North Division Team Leader – Rashmal Peiris or ph: 9096 0827
3. If your pay remains incorrect or the division does not respond in a timely manner contact Damien Zanic - or 9096 0886 and request he take action to fix your issue.
4. If the above steps don’t resolve your issue contact Mat Williams, Manager Payroll Services - request to be paid correctly as a matter of priority.
5. Contact your local HACSU delegate if your pay remains incorrect.
6. If steps 1 – 5 don’t resolve your pay issue contact HACSU Assist on or 9340 4100 for further advice.