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DHHS staff will have received information from the DHHS last week about a roster remediation project that has commenced.  HACSU representatives are working with the DHHS to streamline the roster review process where there are minor changes to be made.

This may be for a number of reasons including:

  • Compliance with the EBA. For example, House Supervisors having 50 hrs admin, PDS inserted, and unviable lines being removed
  • Temporary rosters being made Core rosters
  • Minor staff requests like shift swaps
  • Additional hours being inserted into rosters

These rosters may be notified as Administrative Rosters (not requiring a meeting) or Priority Rosters (a meeting held). Other rosters that require a lot more consultation will continue to follow the normal process for a standard roster review. HACSU representatives are meeting with DHHS weekly to review these rosters.

Further information will come out soon in relation to the provisions for more complex locations being met and the Meal Breaks in the South Division.

If you receive a notification for an administrative or priority roster review and you do not believe that this roster review meets those definitions and has implications that may require more consultation, please contact HACSU Assist immediately on 1300 651 931 or 9340 4100.