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DHHS Transfer Update: April


Earlier this month we saw the first houses begin the secondment phase of transfer to Life Without Barriers. This change related to 85 houses in total which accounted for around 17% of DHHS all services. We also saw parcel 12 second to Possability on 28th of April.

The first pay from Life Without Barriers has been processed last week, with employees in Parcels 2 & 4 able to access your payslips through the Life Without Barriers intranet now. Payslips have also been emailed to all staff to whom this relates, including a Q&A document to follow if there are any issues.


What’s next?

On the 26th of May, parcel 16 and parcel 3 will second to Scope and parcel 13 to Life Without Barriers. We’ve put together this table which explains what you should expect regarding your pay prior to and following the beginning of secondment:

Roster week 4

Roster week 1

Roster week 2

Roster week 3

Roster week 4

Final full pay from DHHS made up of arrears and advance

Commence Secondment

1. Final Partial pay from the DHHS - includes irregular allowances, additional hours etc.

First full pay from new provider - includes all allowances, hours worked in Wk1 and 2 of roster




2. Sign on incentive Payment $7,500 (or pro rata - paid offline payment on Thursday

* pays will continue to occur in weeks 1 and 3 of the roster




3. Changeover payment of $500 (or Pro rata) paid offline payment on Thursday




We’d like to remind all members again, if you have not done so already, we strongly recommend you provide HACSU with your personal/home email address so that we don’t lose contact with you! You can email to change your email address with us today!


Some FAQs:


How is the TIP taxed?

There is currently an application before the ATO to have the TIP taxed concessionally as Employment Termination Payment (ETP). However, since the ATO has not ruled one way or another, the TIP will be taxed at marginal rates. If the ATO deems it an ETP then the difference between the marginal rate of tax and the concessional tax rate will be deposited into member accounts following the ruling.


Does the TIP attract the 9.5% superannuation guarantee?

This will depend on the ATO ruling. If the ATO rules that the TIP is an ETP then no superannuation is payable. If the ATO says that the payment is income with no concessional tax treatment then the 9.5% superannuation guarantee will be payable.


We are still awaiting confirmation from the Australian Tax Office about the status of the Transfer Incentive Payment and the Voluntary Departure Packages. When we receive any further information, we will contact you immediately, but until then please know we have no news about these matters and no control over the decisions made by the Tax Office.

If you have any questions about this, please contact our Transfer Organisers to discuss further – 1300 651 931 (option 1). Transfer Organisers are available for House visits (Team Meetings) and also provide phone advice whenever in the office.