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DHHS Transfer Update: February


As we enter Autumn 2019, the secondment phase of the DHHS Transfer is beginning. We’ve put together some updates about recent and upcoming developments that might apply to you and your workplace.


Employees allocated to Parcels 2 and 4 (Life Without Barriers) will commence secondment on March 31st 2019. These parcels include 86 houses and payroll realignment will happen at the same time.

Employees allocated to Parcel 7 (Scope) were originally due to begin secondment on March 31st, however this has been delayed until the middle of 2019. The reason for the delay is that Scope’s payroll system is not yet ready for operation. Please note, this does not impact the timeframes for other Scope parcels to transfer. The Department has sent emails and letters to all impacted staff within this parcel to advise of this delay.

As you may recall, your pay dates will change when your second to the new provider (moving from Thursday week 2 and 4 of the roster cycle, to Thursday week 1 and 3 of the roster cycle) . If you have any questions about this, please contact our Transfer Organisers to discuss further – 1300 651 931 (option 1).

Between 8 and 6 weeks before your secondment begins, you’ll receive a letter, sent to your home address on file with the Department which confirms your secondment as well as:

  • An estimate of your Transfer Incentive Payment (up to $7,500) and your Payroll Changeover Payment (up to $500, but no less than $250, excluding casuals)
  • Information about, and an application form for, a Hardship Payment associated with the payroll realignment if you wish to apply.
  • FAQs about the Payroll realignment


If you have a dispute about the estimate of your Transfer Incentive Payment and/or your Payroll Changeover Payment, please contact Payroll Assist in the first instance and if you disagree with their response, please contact HACSU Assist – 1300 651 931.

If there were exceptional circumstances which meant that you couldn’t work in the 12-months prior to the date of your Transfer Incentive Payment (e.g. on WorkCover, unpaid parental leave, extended sick leave) you can use the Department’s Exceptional Circumstance application form to argue for an increase in the value of the payment.

To view a copy of the Exceptional Circumstances policy, click here and to download a copy of the form you need to complete, click here. These documents are also available on the DHHS Intranet.


We would also like to clarify that at HACSU HQ, we’ve received word that there are some rumours being spread amongst some houses about the transfer so we’d like to take the time to clear some things up:


Voluntary Departure Packages (VDPs):

HACSU has worked to ensure that the Department has applied to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) for a tax exemption on the VDPs. We are aware that this process is still occurring and whilst it may feel like it is taking a long time to resolve, we will keep you updated as new information comes to light.

Once the Department has a ruling from the ATO, the intention is that an Expression of Interest (EOI) will be circulated to all eligible staff (those subject to transfer who are employed on an ongoing basis) It is through this EOI that staff will be able to apply for a VDP. HACSU anticipates 5% to be finalised and exited this year and a further 10% to be completed next year.


Transfer Incentive Payment and Payroll Changeover Payment:

These payments will be received in a lump sum and are considered taxable income; this means that a portion of the payment will be taken by the ATO as tax, as is the normal process for all wages. This will coincide with the Department payroll finalising your pay and the new provider taking over payroll.

Eligible staff will receive:

  • Up to $7,500 (pro-rata for part-time and casual staff) for the Transfer Incentive Payment
  • Up to$500 (pro-rata for part-time staff, but no less than $250) for the Payroll Changeover Payment. Casual employees do not receive this payment as they are already paid in arrears. Likewise, full-time and part-time staff not transferring do not receive this payment as pay is staying the same for those remaining with the Department.

If you receive these payments and then decide to leave the new provider through resignation – YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RETURN THESE PAYMENTS.


Transfer Organisers

HACSU’s Transfer Organisers are here to help assist with a smooth transfer process by ensuring that all staff are well informed and receive all they are deserving of. Our Transfer Organisers are Deb, Cathy, Jenn and Lisa C. The exciting news: these lovely, knowledgeable Organisers will be with us in this role until Final Transfer on 1st January 2021.

You will have received a visit from one of these Organisers at least once, if not twice throughout 2018 and you should expect to see them again soon!

Transfer Organisers are available for House visits (Team Meetings) and they also provide phone advice whenever in the office (1300 651 931, press 1).

You can find out more on your HACSU Noticeboard! Don’t have a HACSU noticeboard? Ask your Operations Manager to have one installed today, as per our DSEAV clause: 14.8(e)(i)(D) which states:

“Each worksite to be provided with a notice board reserved exclusively for HACSU information measuring no less than 600mm x 450mm. Larger notice boards shall be provided, where practical.”