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DHHS pay error - HACSU calls for offline payments


The department advised HACSU that due to a fault in its SAP system 154 DAS employees who are on higher duties from 25 June – 8 July and receive commuted allowance and penalties were going to be underpaid in pay period 1 [this coming pay].

HACSU sought the DHHS make off line payments for all affected employees as a matter of priority to ensure no-one is financially disadvantaged.  

The DHHS has confirmed that off-line payments will be processed tonight [4th July] and affected Employees will receive ‘the correct commuted allowance in their bank accounts after 6.00pm Wednesday 5th July.’

If HACSU members have any other issues with their pay they should contact their local payroll officer in the first instance to get their issue resolved.

Contact HACSU Assist on 9340 4100 for further advice if your matter remains outstanding.