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Disability HSR Meetings – Safety Campaign


Last year HACSU ran a huge safety audit across disability. A follow up to our first safety audit in 2020, it was our biggest survey ever.

We found worrying trends across the sector — but we've also found opportunities for HACSU members to create change. From the challenges of COVID-19 to a long-term need for more HSRs, there's a lot to tackle.

As a union, we know the best way to tackle these issues is through collective action and campaigning

That's why we need you to join our first campaign meetings, because we can only run a strong campaign if members are making the decisions on what needs to happen.

We're holding four meetings soon — two on Tuesday June 21 (11AM & 5:30PM) and two on Thursday June 23 (11AM & 2PM).

These will be Zoom meetings, to ensure HSRs and Delegates can attend regardless of location and other commitments.

This is a chance for members to show up for each other. We know the issues in disability—we live with them everyday—but now it's time to focus on safety at work, and decide our key demands.

Register for a meeting today — registration is essential to receive the Zoom link.

Register for Tuesday June 21 – 11:00 AM

Register for Tuesday June 21 – 5:30 PM

Register for Thursday June 23 – 11:00 AM

Register for Thursday June 23 – 2:00 PM

As always, if you need assistance at work, please get in touch with us at or on 1300 651 931.