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This month, we’re continuing to bargain for fresh, updated Enterprise Agreements (EBA) across the Non-Government (NGO) sector. As this article goes to press, we’re working to negotiate with representatives at Melba Support Services, Mambourin and MOIRA will be transferring to Life Without Barriers. We’re also working on finalising the huge Multi-Employer Agreement (MEA) which includes a total of 29 employers across Victoria. This ground-breaking MEA will help to provide better wages and conditions to disability support workers who work at small-scale employers.

For members working at the affected employers, make sure you’re checking your emails as we’ll be sending regular updates on negotiations of your EBA

It’s important to note that while this bargaining doesn’t currently affect disability workers who are transferring from The Department of Health and Human Services, it affects us all. The issues caused by the funding models of the NDIS result in many employers claiming they cannot afford to pay workers properly. As a strong union, made up of dedicated members, there will come a time when we will need many voices to support workers across Victoria to ensure we’re all safe at work.

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Without proper pay and working conditions, including training and support, it’s not possible for us to provide sustainable support to people we work with who have disabilities. We’ll continue to campaign on these issues to ensure that all HACSU members across the disability workforce are paid fairly and supported at work.

For members who are transferring from DHHS, we recently had the first round of accepted Voluntary Departure Packages close. Second round offers will have a specific date stated on letters received by affected members. For any questions about this process, you can contact

If you are still needing further information after contacting DHHS, you can call your Transfer Organiser:


·       Catherine Kanizay  (South/West): 0499 590 519

·       Deb Gunn  (East/North): 0499 591 060

·       Lisa Chilvers  (East/South): 0499 590 071