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EOFY Updates - Membership Fees and Tax Statements


Dear HACSU Members, 
I am writing to advise that from 1st July 2021, HACSU membership fees will increase in line with the costs associated with inflation, employment and new campaigns.  
The increase is between 11 cents and 30 cents a week, depending on your role and the hours you regularly work.  The revised rates are listed in a table at the bottom of this email. 

This is our first fee increase since 2019. Usually, we increase fees annually — to ensure our union is in a good position to meet member needs, protect existing conditions and win better outcomes.  

Over the last year, we've taken action across disability, mental health and AOD:

  • Running the largest and most intensive EBA campaign in our history, including supporting members to take protected industrial action across the state
  • Protecting and defending our members’ areas of industrial coverage in the Fair Work Commission
  • Undertaking critical, daily, OH&S advocacy with federal and state government to keep our members and their worksites safe in the midst of a global pandemic
  • Establishing leading national campaigns for Reproductive Health and Wellbeing Leave, and Injured Workers Day. 
  • Supporting our growing union with more access to high-quality industrial advice and representation, when it is needed the most

Union membership is the best investment you can make in job protection and wages growth, and to provide strong representation for individuals in workplaces when they need it. 

Since 2019, we have grown as a union with larger industrial and organising teams to meet members' changing needs. As outlined below, we're also bringing in a new cutting-edge membership software system to enable us to continue building power and helping members at work.

Membership fees are also tax-deductible.  
Tax Statements for 2020-2021 
HACSU is in the process of moving to a new membership system, specifically designed for Australian unions.
That means there are some changes in how tax statements will be done this year.
Your tax statement will be emailed directly to you in the new financial year, via a unique link sent to you. Make sure your email address is up to date with us, to ensure you receive your tax statement. 

Yours in union,

Paul Healey
HACSU State Secretary

HACSU 2021-2022 Membership