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Eastern Health members win for safety of consumers and staff!


Eastern Health members at the Maroondah CCU have been instrumental in gaining a win to ensure the safety of consumers and staff.

Through the constant pressure that Eastern Health members have put on their employer, they have ensured that:
  1. When only one Registered Nurse is on shift with no other Registered Nurse / Enrolled Nurse (Medication Endorsed) Eastern Health will be paying Crib Time for that shift to the Registered Nurse who is unable to handover the Medication keys to a colleague when taking their meal break. 
  2. Night Shift Only – Where two staff are rostered on the Night Shift and the Nurse In-Charge assesses that for clinical safety reasons either or both staff members are unable to take their meal break, the Nurse In-charge has the delegated decision-making ability to request the payment of Crib Time in this instance.  They are no longer required to contact the On-Call Manager to seek approval for the payment of this overtime.  

Whilst HACSU are seeking that there are two staff at ALL times, and that when a meal break is required, that staff members are relieved, this change in management position is a step in the right direction.

If it were not for the pressure of Eastern Health members at the Maroondah CCU, this win would not have been possible.  The members attended the Fair Work Commission with HACSU staff and have fought constantly on the ground to ensure that their message is heard.

We congratulate all HACSU members on this achievement.  This would have been possible without you.  We acknowledge your hard work.  We must keep fighting to ensure that consumers and staff are safe, and to ensure that there are always two people on shift.

Congratulations to everyone, especially delegates who have gone above and beyond to ensure that members are being heard.

In Union,