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Enrol for Equality


The Federal Government will be asking every Australian citizen an important question in the coming months: do you believe in equality and fairness? And the way to answer in the Federal Government's postal 'plebiscite' on marriage equality starts with confirming: is this your correct address?

There will be a postal plebsicite where every Australian citizen is asked to 'vote' on whether or not you support marriage equality. You only have until Thursday the 24th August to correct your enrolment in order to receive the ballot at the correct address.

Want to make marriage equality happen? Check your enrolment, vote yes, and join HACSU's Yes to Equality Campaign!

Contact Area Organiser Will Elrick williame[at] or RSVP on Facebook to our Enrol for Equality Phonebank!


Why is HACSU doing this?

On 25/08/2016 the Branch Committee of Management (which is representative of HACSU membership) passed the following motion:

HACSU believes that marriage should be an opportunity available to all Victorians regardless of their sexuality.  HACSU will support the Australian marriage equality campaign and oppose the plebiscite on marriage equality.  This opposition rests on the grounds that a plebiscite is a costly, non-binding and unnecessary course of action, which will only further marginalise the LBGTIQ community.  Recognising the current political climate, if the federal government is to initiate a plebiscite on equal marriage, HACSU will campaign on this matter in favour of the Australian Equal Marriage Campaign.

The health and Community Service Union, Branch Committee of Management, resolves to support the marriage equality for all Victorians.