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Every Victorian deserves a workplace free of workplace bullying


For the duration of the pandemic, members of parliament and their staff from the government, and cross-bench members like Fiona Patten MP have stood up for healthcare workers, including HACSU members. Now we’re standing with them.

HACSU has a proud history of condemning occupational violence, aggression, and bullying. It is unacceptable and should never be the standard. It is never ok. 

As unionists, we condemn such actions not just for HACSU members but for all working Victorians. 

We are disgusted to hear that Members of Parliament from the government and the crossbench—as well as their staff—are being subjected to threats of violence, sexual assault, and death. 

Targeting elected officials, their staff, and their families is unreasonable and does nothing to assist the healthcare workers that we are privileged to represent, who remain on the frontline of this pandemic.

Peaceful protest is a fundamental right in our democracy. Every Victorian has a right to their opinion. What we have seen recently is not meaningful discussion or debate, but violent images and threats that put our community further at risk.

The most important collective action that the Victorian community can take right now is to get vaccinated. This will continue to take pressure not just off our members working in mental health, disability and alcohol and other drugs, but the entire Victorian health and emergency services sector. 

Unions stand for safety. Unions stand against bullying and occupational violence. Always.