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GOOD NEWS: Mildura Base Hospital to Return to Public Operation!


You might have heard last week that the Andrews Government has announced they will return the Mildura Base Hospital back to public hands!

This is a huge win for HACSU members who have been campaigning for this outcome for years! No longer will funding for consumer care go towards private organisational profits.

Mildura Base Hospital is currently the only publicly-owned, privately-operated hospital in Victoria and has remained so, even through the strong opposition of the Mildura community.

What does this mean for members?

Come the end of the agreement in September 2020, the hospital will return to public operation. The Government has committed to consultation with HACSU Officials throughout the transition process to ensure that no staff are disadvantaged. 

They have also advised us that an Advisory Board will be formed which members may be eligible to join.

The Government also announced a further $1 million towards a new regional service plan to identify the future healthcare needs of the community. Community consultations will again be held where you'll have a chance to contribute your views.

We'll let you know of any further updates as we become aware of them. We also encourage members to get in touch with any questions or to give us updates about this process.

There's never been a better time to talk to your colleagues about joining HACSU. Now more than ever, we need the voice of our members heard!

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