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Get the facts: incident reporting


HACSU members are often required to report incidents to their Employer using an incident reporting system that may differ from employer to employer.

When doing this, HACSU strongly recommends that where there is an incident you include the following:

Best practice incident reporting:

  1. Complete an incident report form as soon as possible with specific details of what occurred (date, time and people involved). Be cautious with language and ensure it is factual and without assumptions or bias.
  2. Include the detail of each client that was:
    • a) involved in the incident, as a participant or victim of the incident.
    • b) was a witness to the incident.
  3. Include the detail of each staff member that was:
    • a) involved in the incident.
    • b) was a witness to the incident
    • c) was on duty at the time of the incident. (Often left out)
  4. Ensure any health and safety reporting is completed also

Download a PDF copy of this factsheet.

If an adverse event/serious incident causing significant injury or death occurs, notify HACSU Assist on 1300 651 931 or 9340 4100 or by email: and seek advice as soon as possible.