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HACSU News August



We’re active in August! Welcome to all new HACSU members who have joined the union since last month! All our members are integral part of our community and we want to thank you for your support!

This month we’re gearing up for our Delegates Conference. This year marks the 20th anniversary of our conference which includes two days every year for our active delegates and members to listen, learn and network. This year the conference will take place on 31st of October and 1st of November and it will include some fantastic interactive and informative workshops!

If you’ve yet to RSVP, get in touch today via email

Vote Yes!


Member Campaigns!

We’re bargaining for a new EBA for our Scope members! HACSU Officials have been working tirelessly, getting around to Scope houses during this bargaining process and we’re on the verge of an outcome. We’re hoping to win increase sleepover allowances, an underpayment clause and a high intensity support allowance! This EBA will not include those members who’ve transferred from DHHS.

We’ll keep members updated as soon we as have an outcome - but for now, if you’re a Scope member, remember to Vote YES!

We’re also campaigning this month at both Melba and Aruma (previously known as EW Tipping). Both employers have expired EBAs and we’re working to ensure members get the best outcomes for their next EBA!

Want to learn more about collective bargaining for enterprise agreements? Click here to read about the role of union members and how you can take action!

TAKE the SURVEY to shape your EBA!


We deserve Mental Health!

Our Public Mental Health EBA is on the cusp of expiring! We need all mental health members to complete our survey TODAY!

We’re launching our workforce research at Parliament House in early September. Before we launch our research, we wanted to provide members with a copy of our Submission to the Royal CommissionClick here to read it.


Kate Marshall, our Lead Industrial Officer has begun drafting of the EBA claims. Kate will be using the information you’ve been providing us over the past year in our Mental Health Specialist Advisory Groups, as well as information from our Survey to build our claims. For more information about what’s happening in mental health, click here.


DHHS Roster Reviews

Over the past twelve months Officials have been involved in ensuring rosters at DHHS meet staff and consumer needs prior to secondments to new providers. We’re very pleased to announce that the project has been a success and is now complete!

We’ve completed 354 roster reviews across houses in Victoria! This has helped to improve levels of support within houses and ensured the correct levels of classifications in all group homes.

While this doesn’t mean that all rosters are perfect, it has been a major win for members in ensuring your house is properly staffed across all shifts!

Thank you to all members for assisting by providing your meeting times and attending meetings to review your house roster. If you’ve got a concern about your roster, you can get in touch with us via email -


Mildura Hospital WIN!

We heard earlier this month that the Andrews Government has announced they will return the Mildura Base Hospital back to public hands! 

This is a huge win for HACSU members who have been campaigning for this outcome for years! No longer will funding for consumer care go towards private organisational profits. 

Mildura Base Hospital is currently the only publicly-owned, privately-operated hospital in Victoria and has remained so, even through the strong opposition of the Mildura community.

Come the end of the agreement in September 2020, the hospital will return to public operation. The Government has committed to consultation with HACSU Officials throughout the transition process to ensure that no staff are disadvantaged.  

Paul Healey, HACSU Assistant State Secretary had this to say: 

"Our members have been campaigning for years for this important win. I want to congratulate everyone who stood their ground for Mildura Base to be returned to public operation.

Public health should be delivered to consumers not through a profit-driven machine, but lead with the care the a public hospital brings. We're looking forward to consulting throughout the process to ensure our members' needs are met".


Member MyPage

You probably already heard – we’ve gone digital! It’s never been easier to contact HACSU since the launch of our new member MyPage earlier this year. We’ve have a large number of members log in to check out the features of their MyPage.

We’ll keep you updated as new features roll out, but for now, if you haven’t accessed your MyPage yet, you can click here to find out how to log in for the first time and download your 2018-19 Tax Statement!

Copy of EQUAL PAY DAY (3)

Equal Pay Day!

This month on August 28th, we commemorated Equal Pay Day. Every year the percentage gap is calculated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics based on average weekly earnings in Australia. While we know there's many different causes for this gap, one of the major causes is unconscious bias. We had some great photos sent in by members to mark the day! If you’re still yet to send in your photo, you’ve got until the end of Friday to email us

We’ll announce the winner of a fantastic HACSU hoodie soon – watch your inbox!


Welcome Ashley and Fiona!

We wanted to introduce you to our officials Fiona who has moved from our Assist Team to our Development Team and Ashley who is new to HACSU as an Assist Organiser!


Here’s Fiona introducing herself:

“I’m an avid unionist and peace activist, believing that change always begins at a grass-roots level. Working for a specialist union such as HACSU is where I feel I can do my best work!

I feel passionate about supporting disability workers and the amazing work they do. I want to supporting all HACSU members to ensure their rights at work so they can continue to provide the amazing service to the most vulnerable in society.

My aunty has autism and intellectual disabilities and my grandmother is her primary carer.  I’ve seen first-hand the uncertainty that comes with changes to the disability sector with the introduction of the NDIS. I’ve so grateful for the support my grandmother has received from my aunty’s devoted disability support workers!”


Ashley is our resident Kiwi! Originally from Christchurch in New Zealand, Ashley decided to relocate to Melbourne after living in the UK for two years, travelling around Europe and South-East Asia.

An admitted lawyer in NZ and Victoria, Ashley is interested in human rights very keen to help out members with their industrial rights at work and creating positive workplaces!