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HACSU News September


We’re stoked this September! Take a deep breath in as we welcome spring! (unless of course you’re partial to hayfever…) Welcome to all new HACSU members who have joined the union since last month! HACSU members are the backbone of everything we do - we thank you for your support as members!


Thank-you Lloyd Williams

This month we say THANKS to Lloyd Williams, State Secretary at HACSU for the past two decades. Here’s a message from Lloyd:

“After 30 years of working for HACSU members, 20 years as HACSU Branch Secretary the time has now come for me to step into the national role full-time and hand over the HACSU leadership to Paul Healey and Kate Marshall who have been appointed in accordance with the Unions Rules by your elected Branch Committee of Management as the new Branch and Assistant Branch Secretaries.

While I am moving a short distance away to the HSU offices in Carlton, I want members to know that I am not leaving you behind. In my new role I will be taking up the challenges and interests of HACSU members at a national level, whether that be fighting for a quality NDIS or ensuring that mental health services are properly funded. With my full-time appointment to the National Secretary role, I will also have the opportunity and privilege of advocating for the interests of all members of our union in the national arena.”

Click here to read more about the leadership change at HACSU.



We also welcome Paul Healey and Kate Marshall as the new State and Assistant State Secretaries, respectively.


Watch the below videos to find out more about these two astounding leaders!

State-wide Campaigning at HACSU!

Support Disability Support Workers at Melba

We're finalising our Log of Claims to provide to Melba on behalf of members. If you work at Melba NOW's YOUR CHANCE to give us your views about what you'd like to see in your nexty EBA. Get in touch today with Organiser Fiona to share your on your EBA

Want to learn more about collective bargaining for enterprise agreements? Click here to read about the role of union members and how you can take action! 

Copy of keep the ccu open

Save the Ballarat CCU

Members in Ballarat are campaigning for the Ballarat CCU to remain open. This essential service is critical for Ballarat and the surrounding communities.

The CCU provides 24-hour clinical care and residential rehabilitation for people living with severe mental illness, comorbid issues and other disabilities. Without it, it is unclear where these consumers will receive the support or treatment they require.

If this change goes ahead, it will mean that consumers needing support from a CCU will be left with the only options of travelling to either Bendigo or Melbourne. The catchment area includes as far as Warrnambool and Geelong.

Those in Regional Victoria might have caught Paul Healey on the news last week, talking about the concerns HACSU members hold around the closure of the CCU.


Members shouldn’t be worse of working at Mambourin!

Mambourin have told staff they want to terminate their EBA. We oppose this decision because we believe this isn't in the best interest of members and we believe the information that’s been provided to staff is misleading.

NDIS prices have increased, not decreased so this is not a reason for Mambourin to decrease their workers’ pay. We met with members last week to discuss the impacts and talk about what we can do together to stop Mambourin pulling the plug. Stay up to date with news on our website.


VDPs announced

In good news, we saw the announcement of Voluntary Departure Packages for transferring DHHS members. In their EBA, which HACSU members fought hard to win, there was a commitment from the Department that VDPs were to be offered to a limited number, 15% of employees who are being transferred from Government services to one of the five providers and who are eligible to receive a VDP. This announcement marks the beginning of the process.

Applications open today. Any members who have questions about their VDP application, please contact (03) 9096 0806 or email or CLICK HERE to read more.


HSR Conference

Are you an elected Health and Safety Rep? Trades Hall are running the 2019 HSR Conference across the State in Melbourne, Bendigo, Morwell, Wodonga and Portland on October 29th. This is a free event approved by Worksafe and includes training around improving health and safety at your workplaces.

We’ve also been told there will be a session dedicated to Safe and Respectful Workplaces training which will look at gendered violence in the workplace, an issue that is faced by many members as well as in the form of sexual harassment and violence.

Click here to register or find out more. Please not, some members may be able to access paid leave from work to attend, check your EBA for more information prior to registration.


MOIRA Members WIN!

Recently MOIRA has been acquired by LWB, resulting in staff being transferred over to LWB. While initially members were advised they would not lose any hours in the transfer process, LWB cut hours back to the minimum contracted hours.

After a lengthy process, the Fair Work Commission announced last week that twelve workers who previously had their hours cut will receive increased hours. 

HACSU officials will continue to be involved, advocating that in 2020 when a roster review is completed, the process is fair and equitable. The affected members will receive updated offers from LWB later this week.

We want to congratulate the affected members on this fantastic win and acknowledge your work, as well as the work of HACSU officials in this process.

It pays to be part of the union – we wouldn’t be able to get great wins like these if it weren’t for our dedicated members. To ensure all workers in the health and community services sectors are well supported, we need as many members as possible to be part of the union. The more members we have, the louder our collective voice!

If you want to learn more about the benefits of being a HACSU member get in touch today. We can organise to visit your workplace and talk to your colleagues about being part of something bigger!

Thanks to the work of members and officials at HACSU, we were able to secure this great win!