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HACSU Stories: Kim Strange, HACSU Trustee


This month, we interviewed HACSU Trustee, Kim Strange. Read on to find out more about  Kim's journey with HACSU and role within our union. 

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What is your current role (at work and as a part of HACSU)?

I am employed in a Non-Government Disability Service (NGO) as a House Supervisor and a Trusttee for HACSU. I sit on both the Financial and Board (BCOM) meetings.


What types of skills do you need in your role?

Staff Management both in a leadership and training model. I have an Advanced Diploma in Community Services Management and Advanced Diploma in Disabilities.

I provide training in Budget Allocation and Balancing along with a Occupational Health and Safety (HSR) Certificates are applicable within my role.

Personally I love supporting people from all wakes of life to have equal rights and experiences and I believe I have great people skills!


Tell us about you journey with HACSU?

I attended delegates training 8 years ago and got to meet people and increase knowledge of not only what the union represents but also the work behind the scenes. Within a year was asked to represent the NGO sector on the Board.


You’ve been given an elephant. You can’t give it away or sell it; what do you do with it?

Work with my Husband to build fences at my daughters property and home it, until I can find a happier place. Elephants like small packs so I would look for a pack for it to join. I have been a horse girl so this would be no biggie. If you said snake it would be a totally different and not calm outcome... LOL.


What’s the best thing about being a part of HACSU?

To know that someone has your back when you're not being given a fair go; the protection and support in times when your not sure of your rights is just a phone call away.

The representation (which I have experienced) when you're NOT being treated fairly by Management and the support of ensuring all your co-workers and staff are getting a fair pay and conditions.


Tell us a story about a great industrial, or other type of ‘win’ you’ve had at work or as a part of the union.

Fifteen years ago there was case of Management acting on what they labelled as a breach of Policy/Practice. A HACSU official identified that there was no such Policy or Practice documented within the organisation.

The Union motivated better practises and more risk assessments within the organisation; the outcome was a safer environment for Staff and residents.


Tell us something interesting that other members might not know about you!

I may seem like a extrovert but am happier and more comfortable being a introvert!


What superpower would you choose to have any why?

A healing power; both the ability to assist people to heal mentally and physically.