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HACSU Stories: Senior Vice President Melissa Urie



This month we've interviewed HACSU Senior Vice President Melissa Urie!


What is your current role (at work and as a part of HACSU)?

Senior Vice President on the Branch Committee of Management (BCOM).


What types of skills do you need in your role?

If Debbie (President) is absent, then I will run the meetings. This has not happened to date though, thankfully!

Otherwise, be an active participant in the BCOM meetings along with everyone else


Tell us about your journey with HACSU:

I joined HACSU in 2006 after being talked into it by Paul Healey (Assistant State Secretary) when I worked as a Graduate Nurse in Banksia inpatient unit.

BCOM came onto my radar after Serena resigned and told me I should put my hand up to replace her, clearly she put in a good word for me as my application was accepted!


You’ve been given an elephant. You can’t give it away or sell it; what do you do with it?

Give it away. Animals like that belong in the wild, I would never be able to say I owned it so couldn’t accept money for it.


What’s the best thing about being a part of HACSU?

The people! I really enjoy talking to people from different areas of work than myself. I like hearing about people’s experiences in disability, HACSU office and other mental health clinicians. I really enjoy the comradely of everyone, especially around EBA negotiations, you can really see the strength and commitment of everyone in the union during those times.  


Tell us a story about a ‘win’ you’ve had at HACSU:

I personally, haven’t had to have union support at work with any major issues but I feel like the significant pay rise we are getting this year is one of the biggest wins I’ve seen. To earn pay parity with NSW is pretty massive!


Tell us something interesting that other members might not know about you!

I am a triathlete in my spare time. I do races that are 3+ days long. Yes, they are fun!


What superpower would you choose to have any why?

Flying. Travelling in a car or plane always takes too long!!