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HACSU exempts bans for proposed DHHS Justice teams' changes


Click here to download this notice as a PDF and print to put up on your workplace noticeboard.


The DHHS advised HACSU on 4th August of its intention to make changes to Justice teams.

Communication with DHHS area, division or central offices and participation in management initiated workplace change are subject to our protected action and we advised the DHHS accordingly.

However, after consultation with our members it has become apparent that there are significant concerns about the adequacy of the proposed EFT and no clarity about the classification level or roles/functions of the proposed Justice positions.

To ensure our members are not disadvantaged as a result of our industrial action we have provided an exemption to our bans and sought written clarification on the above issues.

Once we receive this information we will have further discussions with our members and begin the consultation process.


Please contact Lisa White, Industrial Officer on 9340 4100 or lisaw[at] should you have any queries.