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HACSU in dispute with Jewish Care over rostering


HACSU notified Jewish Care last week that we are in dispute about their failure to consult on the major change to employees’ rosters and working hours announced recently. Jewish Care have now responded, stating that:

  • Jewish Care disagree with HACSU’s view that they have not consulted sufficiently;
  • by June 2017 there will be a need for “flexible staffing” and “person centred care”;
  • staff were advised that clause 19 provides for shifts not exceeding 8 hours each, “unless there is written agreement between the employer and employee for 10 hour shifts”; and
  • rosters for a prospective fortnight will be displayed and communicated a fortnight ahead.


There is still little information on the direct impact on employees of what “increased NDIS packages in the service”, “flexible staffing” and “the need for…person centred care” means. The information provided to date does not provide adequate detail on any of the following:

  • organisational decisions,
  • the rationale and intended benefits,
  • the nature of the changes,
  • the likely impacts on employees,
  • the impact on other programme or service delivery areas,
  • the consultation process,
  • measures to mitigate effects on staff, etc.


Jewish Care have not agreed to meet with HACSU to discuss these major changes, but have committed to meeting individual employees with their representative if requested.

Please contact HACSU Organiser Will Elrick on 9340 4100 or 0427 267 996 or if you have concerns and are seeking a meeting with your employer to discuss the impact of these changes on your employment and working hours.