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HACSU lobbies State Gov for #BetterMentalHealth Staffing


It's been a big week for HACSU members in our efforts to lobby the State Government for better mental health staffing. 

This weekend HACSU Assistant State Secretary spoke at the Victorian ALP's State Conference and moved an urgency motion that acknowledged the crisis and urged the State Government to invest in staffing levels. It was voted up unanimously. 

Our recent survey of HACSU members indicated that an alarming amount of members intend to leave the profession within the next five years.

This means that our mental health system's staffing crisis is only going to get worse if the Government doesn't act now.

On Tuesday I met with Minister for Mental Health, Martin Foley, to brief him on the feedback we've received from members - and our proposed solutions.

I wanted you to have the chance to read it! Check it out here.
In July we will be holding meetings around the state and taking action to bring more media attention to this vital issue and keep up pressure on the government to act quickly.