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HACSU win Finalisation of Public Mental Health EBA Campaign


Download a PDF version of this notice to display at work here

HACSU has met with the VHIA and the Department to finalise the drafting of the 2016-2020 Victorian Public Mental Health EBA. The Draft EBA has now been submitted for legal clause numbering and revision by legal experts. A timeline has been drafted in which we expect to see the completion of the EBA.

Members should take note of the following proposed timetable:

Tuesday 17 January 2017: Distribution of proposed Agreement, NES, a summary of changes and employee ballot information to the Mental Health Services.

Saturday 21 January 2017 to Sunday 29 January 2017: EBA access period. Members will be able to access the new EBA.

Monday 30 January 2017 to COB 12 February 2017: The new EBA will be balloted online. Please click here to see how the online ballot will work.  

Next pay periods following 12 February 2017: Good faith and lump sum payments will be paid across two pay periods (to avoid a massive tax) when the EBA has been approved by a yes vote. Members will also receive back pay on the new wage increases, to be calculated from October 1, 2016.  

Please be aware that whilst we do not anticipate further changes, it is still possible these dates may move. All members should vote ‘yes’ to the new agreement, a reminder that HACSU members fought hard for major wins in this EBA. Some of these wins include:

  • An additional 128.8 EFT across the state, staffing was a key HACSU claim in this year’s campaign, not only to tackle ongoing service delivery matters but for the safety of staff and clients.
  • Major pay increases of between 21 - 28% for Registered Psychiatric nurses, upfront 5% pay increases for clerical, admin and allied services,
  • Additional leave and a 5% upfront payment for Mental Health professionals,
  • New educator positions for enrolled nurses and Mental Health Professionals,
  • Paid domestic violence leave and much more.

Members can access the outcome summary document featuring key wins and wage tables in the HACSU member portal.