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Happy May Day! A whole week of solidarity events are coming up


It’s a day to celebrate the achievements of the workers' movement: the eight hour day, health and safety, leave, pay, superannuation... but most importantly how we won all those life-changing things - solidarity.

There's a lot going on this week as we celebrate and continue the fight to change the rules to benefit working people.

Join union members from across the state this coming Thursday at the Longford Picket, Sunday at the May Day Fair and Wednesday at the Rally to Change the Rules.


Thursday 3rd May: HACSU is heading to the ExxonMobile/Esso picket at Longford

Workers at Esso Longford have been on a picket line for 314 days. AMWU delegate Troy had a room full of almost 2000 unionists in tears at the Change the Rules Mass Delegate Meeting two weeks ago with his story of how hard the fights has been on his family, as the workers at Esso hold strong in the face of their bosses’ greed and disdain for workers.

200 Gippsland families need our support. These workers don’t deserve a 30% pay cut and anti-family shift rosters.

HACSU officials and members will be going down to the picket line at Longford this Thursday to spread some good cheer and solidarity with a classic HACSU gourmet BBQ.
You can grab a lift from the Carlton offices, we will be leaving at 6.30am.
Reply to this email to let us know you're coming so we can make sure there are enough cars.

 We will be on the picket from 9.30am - 1.30pm. If you're in Gippsland - come and support your neighbours and comrades at the Longford picketline.


Sunday 6th May: May Day Fair


Bring family and friends along to Trades Hall for a great day out celebrating International Solidarity.

11am-2pm, Trades Hall, Lygon St, Carlton
Find out more & spread the word on Facebook or the We Are Union website


Wednesday 9th May: Rally to Change the Rules

10am, Trades Hall, Lygon St, Carlton

The rules keep us in insecure work, prevent us from winning higher wages, force us to work longer for less and without compensation for unsocial hours. The rules allow big business to dodge paying tax, while wage theft is left unchecked. The rules say that the ABCC can harass workers. The rules say the rich boss's negligence is the poor worker's grief, as safety takes a back seat to profits. The rules say inequality is inevitable - they say we can't strike, take action or speak out if we don't like it. 

The rules are broken. 

But rules can change. We're changing the rules. 

Victorian workers (and all those who believe in a fair go) are fighting for our rights. Join us on the streets. 

Spread the word, invite your family and friends on Facebook!