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Have your say on the future of Mildura Base Hospital!


Did you know that Mildura Base Hospital is the only public hospital in Victoria that is still a privately run organisation? Mildura Base Hospital has been operated by Ramsay Health since being privatised in 1998. 

However, this agreement will expire in 2020 and the current State Government is now seeking consultation from the local community into the future of the hospital.

HACSU Area Organiser Ginny Adams has been talking to members in Mildura and the overwhelming feedback we've received is that members want to see the hospital to return to being a publicly operated hospital

As a private sector employee, staff aren't eligible for salary sacrificing, which public sector mental health staff currently receive. This can impact wages by up to $7000 a year!

Furthermore, money invested into the hospital could be used to help improve the sector overall, rather than to line the pockets of Ramsay Health.

Why should the Mildura community face different circumstances to all others in Victoria? Please complete the survey to help change the rules for all staff working at Mildura Base Hospital!

If you have any further questions about this survey or want to chat to us about your experiences at Mildura Base Hospital, you can contact your Organiser Ginny on 0400 140 349.

Meeting with HACSU in Mildura

We're visiting in December!

Project Organiser Lisa Andrew will be visiting Mildura next Wednesday 5th of December!

If you're keen to meet with Lisa while she's in Mildura or to find out more, please contact Lisa on 0428 757 089 or via email

Yours in union, 



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